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The processes for Co-Investment and Sale of your business follow the same logic.


From our experience, the complete process to its Closing takes approximately 6 weeks.

Step 1

Get-to-know meeting
We schedule an introductory video meeting to gain a better understanding of your motivation to partner, as well as to gain first insight into your business.

Step 2

Initial information gathering 
We send out a structured short initial information request together with our NDA. As soon as you revert back to us with the data, we will analyze it within 5 business days to decide whether we want to proceed with a Letter of Intent.

Step 3

Letter of intent (LOI)
We send out our LOI that will outline the main parameters of our commercial proposal. If we come to terms, we proceed to an exclusive negotiation process.

Step 4

Due diligence
We need accounting, operational and legal details to validate the initial valuation and commercial terms proposed. We share all of the analysis with you to be fully transparent about our assumptions and decision process.

Step 5

Contracts and closing

Based on the agreed commercial terms, we craft the legally binding agreements for the last bit of the negotiation process. After that, it is time to close, celebrate our partnership, and start our work together to skyrocket your brand.



Looking for a sales partner that will leverage the potential of your brand on the Amazon marketplace?

We have just the right offer for you.

After an initial get-to-know meeting, we will outline different options for the partnership with you within 5 business days.

On that basis we can proceed towards

contracts and closing.

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