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What is important to us

Attractive segment

Future-oriented markets with growth in demand are our focus. They exist in every product category and we want to find them. We look at current growth and customer trends with proprietary and market-leading tools.

Superior products

Excellent product positioning and customer satisfaction ARE the key to success for us. We measure them in top-of-page positioning, client reviews, ratings and test results for e-commerce sellers. We have an individual approach to offline brands.

Healthy, sustainable margins

Initial track record or proof of concept are prerequisites. We look for EBITDA margins of 15%+ in e-commerce sellers and have an individual approach to offline brands.

Motivation and partnership mindset

The greatest asset is a winning team. We want you to become a part of ours, provided we share the same vision and mindset.

Ethical approach

We do not compromise on our principles. Supply chain and product sustainability, environmental focus and empowering our employees build the basis of our decision-making.

What is not important to us


We are looking for future potential that we can achieve together. Not to piggy-back on your past and current success.

Current channel focus

We want to grow your brand to every suitable channel and geography. Amazon FBA is our clear priority, however, it is not a prerequisite for you to have an Amazon brand.


We want to deep-dive into each brand's business model and become experts. The higher the entry barriers due to complexity, the better for long-term success.

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