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We have a ready-to-use growth playbook for your brand 


With it, we have a proven track record of growing brand valuation 10-20x

Portfolio expansion

Our experienced research team focuses on adjacent, coherent products and categories to enrich brands, develop existing customer relationships and win new ones.

Content development

Our content team knows precisely how to increase conversion on Amazon - by delivering curated, individually designed content for each product and brand.

Advertising optimisation

Our experience from creating and managing thousands of ad campaigns helps us deliver the maximum value for each ad dollar spent. We are front-runners of new ad formats.

Supply chain optimisation

We see a major profit level of Amazon businesses in supply chains. Unlike most sellers and aggregators, we think of them as local and end-to-end, meaning that we often integrate the manufacturing part into our operations.

Pricing optimisation

The dynamic Amazon competitive and global economic environments require quick adaptability. Our proprietary tools and algorithms are designed to do exactly that.

Operational synergies

We have the complete infrastructure in place to build and scale Amazon and DTC brands. We incorporate new partner brands into our platform, leveraging cost benefits each step of the way.

International expansion

Our global presence and infrastructure enable us to grow beyond Europe from day one - we scale brands in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Channel expansion

Amazon FBA is the main building block of our sales approach.

To become true go-to consumer brands, we scale our portfolio subsequently to DTC channels and other marketplaces.

Starting valuation
Valuation in 3-5 years
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